May 5, 2011 - De Zan works in the new space Officine Saffi
In the occasion of the opening of the new gallery Officine Saffi, entirely dedicated to ceramics, Guido De Zan is one of the seven international artists invited to show his works at the exhibition ‘Open to Art’. The artist presents sculptures and big natural grès vases. Philippe Daverio, Salvatore Carrubba and Paolo Magnani introduce the event. The exhibition is on until July 31, 2011 .

January 14, 2011
De Zan works exhibition at the Fondazione San Domenico
In Crema, in the magical atmosphere of the Dominican convent founded in 1332, up to February 3 Guido De Zan exhibits his recent works: vases, sculptures, small theatres and the Pirelli skyscrapers. The exhibition and the catalogue have been produced with the contribution of ICAS, a company which has been supporting for many years art research. In addition Umberto Cabini, owner of the company, intended to produce a special edition, 50 numbered and signed Pirelli works and a the 2011 calendar where photos of the building are faced by those showing the De Zan sculptures.

November 26, 2010 - ‘Exhibition Skyscraper in one’s pocket’
Small room but a lot of warmth at the workshop Il Coccio during the opening of the exhibition dedicated to a year of work on the subject of Pirelli skyscraper. In a booklet by De Zan published by Pulcinoelefante, Bianca Tosi acutely describes it as “a lightly high skyscraper”. On exhibition a selection of 50 vases, small grès, porcelain and paper sculptures, drawings and photos. It is a very good occasion to face with the esthetical up-to-dateness by Gio Ponti and with the imprint given by his building on the spirit of this city.

1st July 2010 – 50th Year Edition
The skyscraper designed by Gio Ponti, one of the iconic buildings of 20th century Milan, is now fifty years old. Guido De Zan marked the occasion by producing a limited edition of Three Travelling Pirelli Towers, recreating the basic shape of the building in three variants. The work is a tribute to Ponti, but also to Bruno Munari and his travelling sculptures made out of paper. The edition is made up of 200 numbered copies signed by the artist which come complete with essays by De Zan, Ferruzzi and Alberti Schatz. The publisher is Giorgio Lucini. For more information or to purchase an item, please drop by at No. 3, Via Pio IV, Milan, or contact by e-mail at

1st November 2008 – the book for the first 30 years
Published to celebrate the first three decades of activity of Guido De Zan’s Il Coccio workshop, Sculture 1995-2008 features an essay by Flaminio Gualdoni. The book can be bought on line from Damiani Editore, or, better still, why not make a personal call to Il Coccio, in Via Pio IV, 3, Milan, close by the portico outside the church of San Lorenzo. You may get to meet the artist, and you will certainly see some of his works, in a very special place in Milan where the ceramic arts have put down firm roots.